Saturday 20 October 2012

Going "Green" for Halloween!


Last week we made these cute witches out of egg cartons.  This is very similar to an Halloween craft I did 2 years ago.  I found my crumpled up head sample in my Halloween box.  Here is the witch from the original lesson:


The finished witches had bodies as well but I only kept the sample of the head.  Although I recieved many compliments I thought I would never do them again because the hair and the hats were quite an ordeal to attach and I found I did too much of the craft for the kids. 

Then I saw this adorable scarecrow on Pinterest
and thought I could apply some of the same ideas to my witches.

I precut all the egg cartons.  By cutting the bottom two egg cups at an angle it created
the perfect chin for our witches.

The hats were made by folding simple paper boats.  However, I found that they just were not pointy enough for my witches so I added an extra fold to sharpen up the hats a bit.  This was the hardest part as origami is not a developed skill in most grade ones.  But they managed with a little help.



The hair was made out of construction paper and glued to the inside of the hats before the heads were tucked in.  We glued in jumbo cotton balls and scrap pieces of black construction paper for eyes.  After all the pieces were glued to the construction paper background we stamped bats around the head for the final touch.


  1. I absolutely love these! What did you use for the eyes?

    1. We used jumbo cotton balls and scrap pieces of black construction paper. Thanks for the question. I'll update my post with the information.

  2. Did you pre paint the egg cartons

    1. Yes, the kids painted their cartons the day before.

  3. How was the head tucked in??? Glued ?

    1. Yes. I'm pretty sure we used a low heat glue gun to secure the heads.

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