Tuesday 15 March 2016

Easter Egg Clay Bunnies

This is a project I've been wanting to try with my students for awhile.  Unfortunately we are already on our 2 week spring break and won't get back until after Easter.  I barely managed to squeeze in St. Patrick's day activities.  So I did this project at home with my daughter.  

This bunny head was made using plastic Easter eggs and salt dough.  We used the top (pointy) part.  I first covered the egg with a bit of saran wrap as my eggs had little holes and I wanted to make sure that the eggs slipped out easily afterward.

First we made a nice flat pancake.

Next we draped the pancake over the egg and used our fingers to help it take the shape of the egg.  We used a plastic knife to cut away the excess on the bottom.

Then we added facial features.  We created little balls of clay that we pressed firmly onto the face using a little water to act as our glue.

Then we formed and pressed on ears.  I purposely tried to attach them together as I thought it would be more solid that way.  We also used the end of a paintbrush to poke eyes, but adding big googly eyes after would also be super cute!

We let this dry for a few days until the outside was pretty firm.  The inside was still pretty damp.  Then we removed the plastic egg and saran wrap and I placed it in the oven.  I just put it in after cooking dinner one night and let it dry as the oven cooled.

Finally we painted the bunny using acrylic paints and a black sharpie filled in the eyes.



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