Tuesday 11 March 2014


This is a new version of a project I have done before.  Previously I did the entire project with modelling clay, including the background.  This project was done with Crayola Model Magic and water color.

We first made our penguins with the Model Magic and left them to dry.    We started by making a flat oval with black and adding white ovals and circles for the tummy and eyes.  Orange was used for the beak and feet.  I have to say I am now a fan of this product!  It is soft and light and easy to work with.  The pieces stick really easily.  When dry, the piece is very light.  These could have easily been made into magnets!

We then created the background on 4 X 6 inch paper using white oil pastel for the snow/ice and watercolor paint for the sky.  We also sprinkled a bit of salt on the wet paint for a frosty effect.  Finally, we glued the dried penguins to their backgrounds.


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