Wednesday 30 May 2012

Grade One Farm Landscapes

We have been learning about nutrition and where food comes from in our class.  I was inspired by folk art landscapes and the post from Painted Paper in creating this lesson.

Day One:  The students drew their horizon.  We added the barn, tree shapes and some students added a fence.   They were then instructed to draw at least 5 vertical lines, dividing their landscapes.  Next they drew a horizontal line in each section at varying heights, dividing each strip into two.  Finally we used blue tempera blocks to paint the sky.

Day Two: The students again used tempera block paints to paint the different sections of their landscape as well as the tops of the trees.

Day Three:  The students used markers to colour and outline their barns.  They used oil pastels to add patterns to their land sections, fences, and for the tree stumps and branches.

I love how bright and colourful they turned out!  The kids are so proud of them!

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