Tuesday 22 October 2013

Frankstein Kids!

This past weekend I found this amazing site that has tonnes of cute and cool drawing tutorials.  As soon as I saw this Frankenstein drawing I knew I had to do it with my Grade 1/2 class.  Visit Rob's site at Art For Kids! for many many more great Halloween (and other) drawing ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration Rob!!!

I also modified the drawing slightly to create a female version.

Kids often have a tough time drawing large shapes and I really like to encourage "bigger is better" when I plan on painting.  We followed the same technique as used in my Reindeer Portrait tutorial.  Kids put down their non-drawing hand on the paper and have to create their head shape around their hand.  They do not trace their hand, but know that the pencil line has to go all the way around their hand. 

After their drawings are completed they take a yellow crayon to trace all the way around their kid, pressing firmly and creating a thick outline.  From there they draw and colour electricity or lightning strikes from their kid to the edge of the paper.  Besides adding some very cute detail to their drawings, the crayon also helped keep the paint inside the lines where it needed to be.  Students also used crayons to colour in their bolts, belts, socks and shoes.

Finally, we used watercolours to paint the larger portions of the Franken-kid and the background. 

I just love the way they all turned out!  I couldn't decide which one was cuter!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I love these. They're full of character!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Omg- I absolutely LOVE these- so funny and perfect for Halloween. I can't wait to try these next year. And thanks for the excellent tip about drawing around their hand. I always struggle with ways to get young kids to draw big and fill the page.

    1. Thanks for your comment! My students loved creating these and it was definitely one of their favorite projects this year.

  3. For the black outline of Frankenstein, what did you use? If I understand correct it was yellow crayon for the lightning bolts and watercolor for everything else but I wasn't sure about the outline.

    1. We did the drawings with a black sharpie.

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  5. I love this idea, and am going to do it with my students today for a rainy October afternoon!

  6. Can anyone find the original art hub for this? The links are all to a different Frankenstein but I like these ones. I'll do it step by step demo instead but really miss the video!



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