Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pinch Pot Fun

I love summer!  With my time off from the classroom I'm free to try different projects that have been on my mind that I may not have had time to do otherwise.  I had some clay left over from when I did the clay plates with my son's class and decided to do some experimenting with pinch pots.  My daughter wanted to join in the fun so we created these pinch pot owls.

We used air dry clay.  First we created a simple pinch pot.  Then we added the wings which were actually made from a large heart cookie cutter that we then cut into half to create 2 equal wings.  Then we made 2 circles for the eyes and attached them.  Lastly we attached a beak shape.

We then used a bent paper clip to make impressions for the feathers.  A marker cap was used to help create the eyes and any other impressions were make by a wooden skewer.


This white owl in my 7 year old daugher's owl.  As I didn't have much in the way of acrylic paints at home she had to resort to painting it all white.  She didn't mind.  She said it was a snowy owl.

I think I'll buy some citronella tea lights and use them as candle holders during the summer months on our patio!

Here are some other pinch pot creations.


  1. luv the one where the man has his mouth open, also luvin the owls!!! SOOO GOOD, how do u do them??? I'm making a clay pot of an owl for art and i need lots of inspiration, i wanna copy a few peoples ideas and mix them all together with a few of my ideas.

  2. The man started out as a pinch pot but I turned and flattened him a bit on the side so the mouth openning wasn't directly on top. I then bent the top a bit to create a surface to add and mold on the nose. I scored and slipped the eyes, ears and tooth. Good luck with your project!

  3. these are fanciful and so brilliant. thank you



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