Monday, 28 September 2015

Coffee Filter Trees

I had to share these incredibly easy fall trees that my Grade One class made!

Students used eyedroppers to drip liquid water color paints onto coffee filters.  Don't be stingy with the paint as they will be brighter. You could also use washable markers to colour the filters and then spray with water.  But again, make sure they fill the filter with lots of colour!

 When dry, they cut out this fabulous tree template.  The template for the tree is from a book that does not allow me to share it here due to copyright limitations.  However, you could easily use something a lot less complicated as it was a challenge for a few of them.  However, you could hear a pin drop during cutting time due to the extreme need for concentration!!

Here is a free online template you could use for the tree.

These look so great in my window and it makes me smile every time I walk
 into my room and see them!


  1. Fabulous! Do you have the trunk/branches template available to share? This gives great results for a short amount of time--important for us regular classroom teachers, unfortunately. Love this!

    1. Sorry the template is under copyright restrictions. :(

  2. Beautiful! Do you have the tree template available for download? Thanks!

    1. Sorry, the template is under copyright restrictions. :(


    1. Thanks Leanne! I've included the link you provided in my post.

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