Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Clay Coins

My Grade Ones have been studying the symbols of Canada and I had them design a new Canadian coin to make out of clay.  A couple of years ago when we hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vanccouver I did a similar project, but we designed Olympic medals.

I have been collecting stamps at Michael's on a regular basis.  You can't beat $1.50 for a rubber stamp (and sometimes I get them even cheaper!)  Amongst my collection I have these wonderful Canadian themed stamps:

I do have a few others but the designs aren't suitable for imprinting in clay.

After looking at the similarities between all our Canadian coins we decided they all neede a picture/symbol, the word Canada, and a value.  Student used small letter set stamps for the words.

We fired the finished coins once and then painted with metalic acrylic paint - which got many ooohs and aaahs!


  1. What kind of clay did you use on the Canada coins?
    Many Thanks,

    1. Low fire ceramic clay, most likely an Amaco brand bought at Michael's. I do not use air dry clay for clay tile type projects anymore. I find it too fragile.



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